Weight Loss: Is Your Answer Yes?

With the current trend of a perfect belly, it is increasingly influencing each and everyone regardless of the gender. Most of us feel that losing weight is child’s play, but over a period of time, people start to lose patience and often end up in gaining the weight then losing it. We all need to clear our mind and ask a question to one self;

Are we ready for the weight loss?

Weigh loss requires a long term commitment towards the strict schedule crafted for us. We need to cut down all the junk foods and unhealthy beverages that cause build up of extra fat under the skin. I know the tempting burgers, pizzas and sweet fizzy drinks are hard to resist, but they tend to increase cholesterol and create cardio vascular problems.

Get prepared to have diets that are green, rather than pounding on meats. The vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, beetroots, mushrooms and many more have abundance of carbohydrate, proteins, and vital vitamins. Along with essential minerals, they all help in building up the immune system and strengthening the metabolism of the body. Constant and timely vegetable diet tends to burn out extra fat from our body.



The hectic lifestyle invades the healthy diet resulting in various health issues and one of which is overweight. Consuming excessive alcohol during late night parties, burning energy at the projects till early morning, sleeping at uneven time and skipping the 30 minutes exercise from our daily life, slowly accumulates weight in our body. The weight loss requires us to get rid of usual late night activities. Adhere to the basic mantra of life, Early to bed and early to Rise. Stop or slow down the consumption of alcohol and exercise on a daily basis.

Try to shun away the distraction that could lead to weight gain. We may have come across the people who eat extensively while they are in some kinds of stress, worries or anger. Family disputes, office tasks, the financial crisis and other could be the cause of emotional eating. The people under the influence of emotional eating may destroy the weight loss cycle and elevate the weight. Consult the doctors to overcome such problems or come up with healthy foods such as vegetables.

To keep ourselves motivated through all the way in losing weight is also a big challenge. Waking up early in the morning, jogging for nearly 30 to 45 minutes, including green diet and repeating these steps slowly incline us towards boredom. People start to skip the either of the above steps and in the return lag in the race of weight loss. This is the most important phase of weight loss, as the absence of motivation will ruin all the effort you have put so far for maintaining your weight. Hiring a trainer or having a close friend/relative could be a wonderful idea who can keep you motivated and high spirited.

  • Do you think you can say no to junk food?
  • Are you ready for the veggies food?
  • Can you change the unhealthy lifestyle?
  • Emotional distraction cannot divert me?
  • Are you motivated?

If your answer is ‘YES’ then you are ready to avail the weight loss program and vice versa. A small note to keep in mind is that do not jump on quick weight loss program as they may harm your health. Try with a slow session of weight loss and once we reach to our desired number we need to maintain it.

Remember, weight loss is a long process and need to be maintained with proper exercise and diet.

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