Shrink Summer Weight Gain

Summer weight gain has been always an issue for most of us. We almost go down on our knees when we see colorful, chilled and tasty ice creams to flavored ice cold cocktails. But our weakness tends to stuff our body hugely with sugary substances and fats that lead to weight gain. We can be fit and healthy during summer vacation and could maintain our body weight with ease.

Not a doctor or medication, just a few simple points that will help us out are listed below;

Low calorie ice cream

The perfect way to enjoy summer is through the cone of ice cream stacked with different flavors. Regardless of age and sex, the taste and color of ice creams captivate everyone and we all enjoy it to our utmost delight. However, most of us forget to note the amount of sugar or fat we are consuming. 70% of ice creams are high in sugar content and traces of fat that elevate the weight gain among the people.

Get yourself acquainted with the ingredients of ice cream. Try to buy the ice creams that are less in sugar substances and fats. Limit yourself from consuming daily intake.



Check the drinks

The refreshment drinks such as sweet iced tea, colas, sugary lemonades and other sweet drinks create the similar havoc on our health as the ice creams does. Apart from refreshment, alcoholic cocktails also increase the weight as most of the bar tenders use the sweet corn syrup to make it tastier. The high fructose accumulation in body hinder the insulin production due to which the breakdown and absorption of fructose is limited, resulting in increased blood sugar level, cholesterol and fat in the body.

Try out sparkling water as refreshment. Add mint, lime or citrus fruit to make it tangy. Limit the alcoholic cocktails as daily consumption is going to degrade the health.

Exercise and Food

It is a universal truth that if you keep on stuffing yourself even with high calorie foods and do not involve in exercises, then the high calories would not do any miracle on to your body. They would increase the weight and bring in illness. Do not skip your exercises and watch out for foods. Do not pound on junk foods or snacks that are going to bulge your belly out.

Hope this summer you can keep a tap on the weight gain. You can be looking good and ever green!

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