Don’t Miss These Programs and Services!

New Swim Lesson Format!
We are making some positive changes to the format of our swimming lessons. All swim levels are now 30 minutes and the sessions are now 12 or 13 weeks long. Our research shows that swim participants have more success with learning how to swim when they are exposed to longer and more consistent sessions. Children will receive 30 minutes of in water swim instruction once per week from our qualified and certified swim instructors. We are moving to a continuous evaluation process. Instructors will consistently evaluate and provide feedback to the participants and parents. As the participants complete the necessary skills for one level they will seemlessly begin to work on the skills of the next level. This new format will also reduce the number of times a parent has to register a child, making it far more convenient. Also, there is no set cut off date for registering, however there are limits to the number of participants in the program. For more information, check out the Program Guide.

Youth Conditioning Centre Orientations (Belleville Branch)
This 1 hour session earns youth the ability to jumpstart into using the Cardio rooms and select Muscle Conditioning machines with the accompaniment of an adult, until 7:30pm. Members must obtain a youth orientation pass from the Membership Service Desk to use fitness equipment.

Ages 10 – 14 years. Members only. Please schedule appointments at the Membership Services Desk or Contact us

YMCA Cycle Fit
Increase Cardiovascular and Muscular Endurance through a 45 minute class of creative instruction, challenging drills and motivating music. For more information, check out the Program Guide. 

Personal Training – Hire a Conditioning Coach
Are you new to fitness? Are you exercising regularly but not getting the results you want? Do you need someone to help motivate you? Why not have one of our qualified Personal Trainers design and supervise a program for you. This service is available to YMCA Members and delivered by Certified Personal Trainers.

YMCA Fitness Certifications
The YMCA recognizes Volunteers as an essential part of our organization and will offer certification courses at no charge to members who make a Volunteer commitment to the YMCA. For more information, check out the Program Guide.

Drop in Flick and Float – Family Night Out!
Join us for a swim in the pool and a movie with popcorn and juice. Join us as a family, or drop the kids off and enjoy a work out on your own. Children 10 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Each weeks movie will be posted in advance in the YMCA lobby. For more information, check out the Program Guide.