Flavoured Drinking Water

It is always advised to keep the body moist by drinking adequate amount of water. The water is vital for the body functionality and transports various nutrients into our body.  Water constitutes almost 66% of body formation and a perfect medium to carry oxygen in the various part of the body.

Water bestowed with such superior qualities is a boon for human civilization. Yet, we all skip to drink the water. The reason is its incapability to hit our taste buds with a sensational taste.  We often get bored and soon we look for the supplement such as an energy drink, carbonated water (colas or soda) or alcoholic drinks (beer or wine).

This is a complete myth, if you are too among the people who believe that water can be substituted by carbonated drink or alcoholic drinks then you need to possible wake up and look out for the facts. Their liquid form does not create the same influence as drinking water does.

Drinking water helps to release impurities from our body, maintain the body temperature, lubricate the joints, moisten the lungs, smoothen the metabolism and protect our vital organs. We can implement the drinking water in our habit by introducing few flavors to it without hindering its characteristics.

Slice of Apple

A few thin slice of apple, cucumber or a piece of one or two melon in the jug of water. Their slight sweetness and aroma would make the drinking water more interesting to drink. We can also try out with fresh citrus fruits such as tangy lemon or lime and refreshing oranges or grape fruit.  Herbs is also a unique way to make your drinking water refreshing as a few leaves of peppermint or lemon balm turn the dull taste of water into a soothing flavor.

The current trends of ice tea are famous all over the world. But the sugar and preservative tend to add sugar to our body. On the other hand, it does not satiate the fundamental nature of drinking water(in summer). We can create our own iced tea. Use herbal teas of your favourite flavor such as green tea, berry, finger or mint and add them up in the water. Boil the water and leave it to cool in the freezer. Enjoy the cool, refreshing iced tea that keeps all the remedial nature of water and herbs intact.

Hope, the article has successfully shown the ways to indulge into enjoying the flavoured drinking water and keep us in shape. Read More

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