Benefits of Exercising at Home

Good health is one of the most important assets you can possess. As more jobs require extended sitting time and sedentary work, and television, the Internet, and games tempt you to remain sedentary during free time at home, exercise has become vital to maintaining good health. That’s why Three Lines Fitness offers a variety of home fitness equipment that fits any type of workout, whatever your fitness level and goals may be.

Working out at home has a number of benefits. You can exercise according to your schedule, even at night, without having to leave your house. This factor can be especially important if you have children who cannot be left unattended.

Home workouts can also reduce your anxiety level by decreasing self-consciousness that sometimes happens at gyms. If you are working out next to an extremely muscular man or a thing woman with an almost concave stomach, you may be tempted to compare yourself, and then, doubts about your own exercise efforts and even about yourself may creep in, and self-doubt is the absolute antithesis of what fitness is about.

Another benefit of home workouts is that you can set up and follow your own routine flawlessly, without having to wait for machines or exercise equipment to become available if someone else is using them. In addition, you will not have to use a machine that someone just sweated on during their workout. By having your own workout equipment, you can easily maintain it and keep it clean at all times.

Traditional Home Gym

Traditional Home Gym

Beginning an Exercise Program

If you are relatively new to workout equipment and exercise routines, it may be helpful to you to schedule an appointment with a personal trainer so you can learn the basics of proper exercise techniques and decide what your fitness goals are.

Losing Weight and Gaining Flexibility

If you want to lose weight and gain flexibility, for example, cardio equipment from Three Lines Fitness can help you achieve these goals. By performing fewer repetitions with lighter weights and increasing your heart rate, thus burning calories, you can achieve these goals faster than you might think.

Elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, and stair climbers can help you lose weight, gain flexibility, and tone muscles, all at the same time. Elliptical trainers and rowing machines are especially all-around workout equipment, as they are helpful in burning calories, gaining flexibility through loosening tense muscles, and toning muscles throughout the body, from the arms to the core to the gluteus maximum to the legs.

Even if losing weight is your goal, it is important that you incorporate some strength training into your workout to keep muscles strong and toned. Dumbbells from Three Lines Fitness’ wide product line are great tools for upper body muscle workouts. Three Lines Fitness’s customer service can help you choose just the right weights for your fitness level and goals.

Strength Training

If you want to gain muscle mass, then Three Lines Fitness has a wide variety of exercise equipment to help you build up your muscles. From upper body workout equipment to core workout equipment for tight abs and lower body exercise equipment, Three Lines Fitness stocks everything you need to gain healthy, toned muscle mass.

Three Lines Fitness even stocks a wide variety of integrated home gyms, allowing you to have one piece of space-saving equipment for an overall workout that will strengthen muscles throughout your entire body, including your back, helping you maintain good posture.

Integrated Home Gyms

Integrated home gyms are excellent pieces of workout equipment for any type of workout, whatever your ultimate fitness goals may be. With so many workout options conveniently located in one machine, you may be more inclined to stick with a regular exercise program to maintain your fitness level, since you can simply step from one workout apparatus to the next. Integrated home gyms from Three Lines Fitness allow you to adjust the weight level on all of the incorporated workout equipment on the gym, ensuring you get just the workout you want, every time. So even if you are tired, you can still fit in a quick, overall muscle toning workout with ease.

And the good news is that after even a quick, overall, relatively light workout, you will have more energy and feel better because exercise decreases levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, and increases release of endorphin’s, the body’s “feel good” hormone. Even a light workout will increase your cardiac rate and burn calories.

Fitness Equipment to Help You Relax

Three Lines Fitness also has a wide range of exercise equipment designed to help you decompress and relax, before or after a workout, or anytime you need a dose of down time. Inversion equipment, for example, can reduce back pain, help you improve your posture, and improve circulation throughout the body.

Aqua therapy equipment allows you to get a thorough workout without over-stressing your muscles, since your body will be emerged in water, which will help you relax, as well. But whatever workout equipment and goals you choose, remember to gently stretch before and after every workout to reduce the risk of muscle injury and the buildup of lactic acid, which could cause sore muscles.

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