Benefits of Exercising at Home

Good health is one of the most important assets you can possess. As more jobs require extended sitting time and sedentary work, and television, the Internet, and games tempt you to remain sedentary during free time at home, exercise has become vital to maintaining good health. That’s why Three Lines Fitness offers a variety of

Flavoured Drinking Water

It is always advised to keep the body moist by drinking adequate amount of water. The water is vital for the body functionality and transports various nutrients into our body.  Water constitutes almost 66% of body formation and a perfect medium to carry oxygen in the various part of the body. Water bestowed with such

Weight Loss: Is Your Answer Yes?

With the current trend of a perfect belly, it is increasingly influencing each and everyone regardless of the gender. Most of us feel that losing weight is child’s play, but over a period of time, people start to lose patience and often end up in gaining the weight then losing it. We all need to

Shrink Summer Weight Gain

Summer weight gain has been always an issue for most of us. We almost go down on our knees when we see colorful, chilled and tasty ice creams to flavored ice cold cocktails. But our weakness tends to stuff our body hugely with sugary substances and fats that lead to weight gain. We can be